RKR POULTRY FARMS breeds good show quality birds. we stay true to the breed and color standards for all our birds.

We started our chicken farm with 3 Ameraucana chicks we purchased at our local feed store for our daughter to show at the county fair. We all were so excited about the chicks. It was such a pleasure just watching them and seeing them growing day by day. The week of the county fair arrived and we loaded up two of the chickens and headed into town to have one of them tested for the fair. She was only allowed to show one of them since they were both the same breed. We hadn't learned much about chickens at this point. Soon, we quickly became familiar with poultry showing and discovered that the chickens we had bought were "mutts" (EE's). They were Ameraucanas (or maybe Americanas). However, their color "variety" was not recognized by the APA. Well, a little disappointed, we began to research the Ameraucana Breed and Ameraucana breeders. We found a breeder in Texas, Paul Smith, who raises "show quality" Ameraucana chickens and shows them. Our daughter's grandparents bought her 2 Ameraucana blue wheaten pullets and an Ameraucana blue wheaten cockerel from Paul Smith. This is where our show quality chickens began. You must understand that show quality simply means that the chickens are of a quality stock that represents the standard for that specific breed and can be shown at a poultry show. As with any breeding, there is no guarantee that the offspring will be as good as the parents. However, with that said, there is always a possibility that the offspring could be better than the parents. Therefore, we cannot guarantee our chickens to place in a show. Other aspects of raising show quality chickens of course comes into play such as what you feed them and what type of living conditions you have them in, etc.

All of our chickens are show quality with the exception of the a few chickens that are for laying eggs only.

RKR POULTRY FARMS is owned by Rachael, Karen and Roy Snider. Roy was raised in Oklahoma and had a small farm consisting of mainly sheep along with a few cattle. He showed lambs and cattle in the local county fair and other livestock shows. He won numerous awards in showing his lambs and his cattle for the four years with FFA. He was very serious about raising lambs of good stock for show purposes. He was a State Farmer in FFA in 1984 in Oklahoma. Roy is a Southern Baptist Preacher and is enjoying the chicken show ring as a great hobby when he is not preaching. We feel like our chicken business is a great educational experiance for our daughter that will hopefully help her in the future. Rachael is the primary owner of RKR Poultry Farms. Rachael was actively involved in 4-H doing projects such as Poultry, Horses and Photography. Rachael was secretary of her local Horse 4-H club in Arkansas. Karen has always been a avid photographer and has her own Web Design Business and loves taking care of the chickens. It is our desire to share our knowledge and love of chickens with others as well as sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with whom we come in contact with..

Please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you. If you should want to purchase any of our chickens or make a good trade for a differnet bloodline, just send us an email with details of what you are interested in.

Feathers by Chickens at RKR Poultry Farms