photo gallery of the other animals that are "non Poultry" that live on our farm.

Our newest non-chicken animal on rkr poultry farms: a horse

We have added two more horses to our farm. We traded one of our horses for a registered Paint Quarter Horse. He is 21 years old and a seasoned feed yard horse. Gentlist horse in the world. Will do anything to please. He may be old but he has got some speed for an old man. Great addition to our family. Our newest one is a Chestnut with a little flaxen in the main. His name is Boomer and is around 3 to 4 years old. He was a stallion so we had to take him to the vet. He has spent a month elsewhere after the procedure. Looking forward to introducing him to the other horses.



Well once again, we have acquired another horse. We did not go looking for her. She is a registered (to the original owner) Missouri Fox Trotter. She is sorrel in color and is very pretty. She had some issued with her hooves and legs due to improperly fitted shoes and incorrect cut of the angle of her hooves. We are working through these issues with our trimmer. She is broke and very gentle. Our daughter has been working with her and getting her able to be ridden again. Her name is Ann - Rawhide's Raggedy Ann 00-69919.

Ann headed with us to her new home.
First day at her new home.
Relief from the shoes and angle already she is walking and standing much better.
Our daughter riding Ann in the round pen.

We now have another horse on our farm. His name is Duce. He is a yearling. He is a paint foundation quarter horse. We traded 4 show chickens for him. He has two heart shapes on his side. Our daughter has begun to train him. We have taught him to lead and have done some ground work with him. He has a great gentle personality. He loves to go on walks with her outside of our yard. Our daughter has taught him to load by himself into our 2 horse trailer. The best decision we made with Duce was to sent him to a professional trainer. We visited the trainers several times during training and while there he worked with our daughter on training techniques. She was able to contnue his training once he came home. He got a few months off from training after his leg caught in the fence. Now he is doing much better and training has begun again.