RKR POULTRY FARMS breeds good show quality birds. we stay true to the breed and color standards for all our birds.

RKR Poultry Farms raise happy healthy chickens.

RKR POULTRY FARMS raises chickens specifically for exhibition purposes. All the eggs are a bonus and we do well at putting them to good use. We enjoy our chickens and all their unique personalities. They can be so much fun and help to relieve your stress! They are very amusing animals. There is never a dull moment on the farms. Between feeding, watering, collecting eggs, cleaning out coops and watching, we are occupied all of the time.

Since December of 2010, we have incubated many eggs as well as let a broody hen hatch some chicks for us. Over the last 3 years, we have explored numerous breeds on our farm in an attempt to determine the breeds we want to invest time, money and energy in. It has always been our hope to sell to 4-H students and others in the exhibition industry. Well as many breeders know, you start out with a variety of breeds and soon begin to narrow down the selection of breeds you will continue with. We narrowed our selection of breeds in the spring of 2014: Araucana, Andalusian, and Cochin. We have an Ameraucana / EE rooster who was a 4-H project. Now he is a pet. This reduction in breeds will enable us to concentrate on the breeding program for Andalusians.

You will still find an assortment of breeds at our farms since we have several for egg purposes as well as our daughters favorites. It is important to us that we maintain the purity of "True Breeds' in our flock of birds. Therefore we will only be setting up breeding pens for the Andalusains at this time. Learn more about our breeds on our breeds page.

Large Fowl Breeds and Varieties we have on our farm: Andalusian (Blue, Black and Splash) and Cochin (Black and Blue).

Large Fowl Breeds for pets and eggs: Ameraucana/EE cross Rooster, Ameraucana/Andalusian cross Hens various colors, and BBR Araucana Hen.

Bantam Breeds and Varieties we have on our farm: Cochin (Black)

We hope that you will browse our site to get to know us a little better. Send us a note through our contact us page and we'll talk chicken.

Feathers by Chickens at RKR Poultry Farms:

We have naturally molted Chicken feathers that have been thoroughly sanitized for sale from our breeds on the farm. There are many uses for chicken feathers including Hair Extensions. A new page with pictures of feathers is coming soon! For more info on feathers or if you would like to order an assortment today please fell free to contact us.



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