Feathers from Chickens at RKR Poultry Farms

RKR POULTRY FARMS breeds chickens for the select purpose of exhibition. Feathers are a bonus.


We have a variety of breeds and colors of chickens because we raise them for exhibition. Our chickens are very well taken care of and many of them are considered pets. They are very happy chickens and appear to enjoy living at RKR Poultry Farms. Most of them are allowed out each day to "free range the property". Daily in the morning and evening times, we collect feathers from the coops and the areas around the coops. We try to collect daily in order to get the the best quality looking feathers. We have been known on many occasions to set outside in the shade just observing the chickens throughout the day and receiving numerous visits from the chickens. Chickens are such a joy to watch and even comical at times. It is our hope that you will wear our feathers with pride knowing they came from healthy happy chickens who love to go to Poultry Shows and show off their natural beauty.

We sell our feathers as "Grab Bags" in an assortment. Should you desire a specific feathers style in packaging of 10 or more feathers, please contact us for special pricing.

Assortment of RKR Poultry Farms Feathers for sale:

000-0017 - 16 Feathers $12.00
000-0019 - 16 Feathers $12.00
000-0016 - 16 Feathers $12.00
100-9189 - 16 Feathers $12.00
100-9179 - 16 Feathers $12.00
100-9182 - 16 Feathers $12.00
#100 - 12 Feathers $12.00
#101 - 18 Feathers $12.00
#104 - 10 Feathers $12.00
#105 - 12 Feathers $12.00
#106 - 21 Feathers $12.00


We have an assortment of feathers. If you like any of these specific feathers below, just let me know and I can put together an assortment and pricing for you.

We have a limited amount of the Silver Spangled Hamburg feathers available.



All of our feathers have been naturally molted by the Chickens and have been thoroughly sanitized and are ready for immediate use. There are many uses for chicken feathers including Hair Extensions, Jewelry, Hair Accessories, Crafts, Fishing Lure, etc. Chcek out our items made using chicken feathers and feed sacks. For more info on feathers or if you would like to order an assortment please fell free to contact us.

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