Breed: cochin

Variety: Black
Class: asiatic


Cochin chickens are recognized by the APA and ABA. These birds come in bantam and standard and we raise both in Black. This Breed in Large Fowl has 14 recognized varieties: Barred, Birchen, Black, Blue, Brown, Brown Red, Buff, Columbian, Golden Laced, Mottled, Partridge, Red, Silver Laced, and White.

Well, we originally started out with a Blue Cochin Cockerel and have since given him to a breeding farm over in Oklahoma. We were given Black Cochin eggs to incubate (54 to be exact). Well, luckily only 14 hatched out. We had the electricity go out twice during this incubation period and were blessed to get what we got. Sold a few, gave a few away and kept 6 (4 pullets and 2 cockerels) all of which were black. The black have done wonderful at the poultry shows in 2011 and in spring 2012. The black bloodline comes from Bo Garrett in OK.

We added to our cochin flock: 1 splash cockerel born in April 2011, 1 blue cockerel born in April 2011 and 2 blue hens from 2010 spring hatchings from Cove, AR. We now only have 1 of the blue hens. Others have gone to live on another farm here local. We had decided that we were not going to pursue the Blue Cochins.

We decided to start a breeding program in the fall 2011 and early 2012 with the black and the blue cochins. We had 3 chicks hatch (1 black and 2 blue) that came from the blue hen and black cochin cockerel. We had a wonderful show season with the Black Cochins in the fall of 2011 and into the early part of 2012. Looking forward to the fall show season of 2012 with the Black Cochins.

We have discovered that these ladies are the broodiest little things we've seen. Once spring hit they went broody and have not been very good at laying because they kept going back into broodiness. Therefore starting the breeding program with the black this year has been slow.

We have relocated our farm from Arkansas to Oklahoma and in doing so have not been able to set up the breeding pens. We will continue raising this breed for eggs and for brooding.

Our newest Babies are Black Cochins.
Eggs came from Bo Garrett in Idabel, OK.
Our cochin Chicks: June 18 2011
Our cochin Chicks: June 18 2011
Our Black Cochins: July 8 2011

The Cochins both black and blue have done very well at all the Poultry Shows our daughter has taken them to as very young ages. Looking forward to this years fall show season.

These are the sweetest birds we have raised thus far. They are very nice to other birds as well. The cocks are not agressive at all.

Happy Feet always greets us when we feed.


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