Breed: araucana

Variety: Black Breasted Red

Class: All Other Standard Breeds

RKR POULTRY FARMS breeds good show quality birds. we stay true to the breed and color standards for all our birds.

Araucana chickens are recognized by the APA. This Breed has 6 recognized varieties: Black, Black Breasted Red (BBR), Golden Duckwing, Black Red, White, and Silver Duckwing. Click here for the History and the standard information for this breed.

This page remains in loving memory of our daughers most favorite and gentle chicken: DT. DT was the nicest bird we have raised and he did excellent at poultry shows. He will be missed. He was a Black Breasted Red Cock with huge double tuffs. His lady will miss him.

No. 1 still remains the only Araucana on our place. She is a happy chicken.

We are no longer breeding Araucana chickens.

Araucana Chicks we incubated from the Univ Of AR

Hatched on Jan 3rd, 2011


Pullets: No 1 has 1 good tuff on one side with a tiny one on other side. Angel has no tuffs.

DT has double tuffs on both sides. DT is ready for his first poultry show.

Angel: Our Araucana clean faced Pullet.

Angel coming out of the nest box.

DT: BBR Araucana at the ARK-OKLA Start Fair

Grand Champion Large Fowl Open Show

DT does quite well at every show we take him to.

Our baby Araucana chicks

No. 1: BBR Araucana Pullet
This is No.t and Angel: DT's hens.
This is Ginger:
This is DT. He has awesome Double Tufts!  


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