Breed: Andalusian

Variety: Blue, Black and Splash

Class: Mediterranean

RKR POULTRY FARMS breeds good show quality birds. we stay true to the breed and color standards for all our birds.

Andalusian chickens are recognized by the APA. This Breed has 1 recognized variety: Blue. Click here for the History and the standard information for this breed.

We started with 2 blue hens. One of them did very well at her first poultry show and we were told she has very good lacing. We picked up an Andalusian Rooster in the fall of 2011. Soon we began a breeding program. There were 7 new Andalusian chicks on the farm for 2012. We now have Splash, Blue and Black. We had more chicks in the brooder room and more eggs in the incubator from the Andalusians. We incubated eggs from the original hens bloodline and 1 chick hatched and it was a cockerel. We had several good laced cocks and hens come out of the breeding. We hope to be able to begin breeding with a new cock from the same bloodline as the 2 original hens.

We choose in 2014 to raise Andalusians. Hoping we will soon have a breeding pen set up for them. Looking forward to the offspring.

Lacy and Wild Girl-original hens Original Hens
Splash girls that hatched in 2012 Big Foot and Squealer - hatch 2012
Digger - new chick from original bloodline Digger hatched in 2012
Andalusian Chick - 2012 Pullet? Andalusian Pullet - hatched 2012
Andalusian Chick 2012 Andalusian Chick 2012
Andalusian Chick 2012 Look at the new Pullet's lacing - 2012
Lacy (original hen) and Big Foot (hatch 2012) Splash Cockerel and Black Pullet 2012
This breed has grown tremendously this year on the farm. Through incubation we have added a pullet and cockerel for showing this season. Added another pullet and cockerel possibly for late breeding this year. Added several chicks for next years breeding season that are still in the brooder room.. We should have an ample supple of eggs for sale from the Black and Splash Andalusians which will remain in the breeding pens since they are not recognized for showing.
Lacy and Wild Girl - original hens  
Lacing Diagram:

Blue chickens can have variations in the lacing (some not so good and others really good).


Blue Andalusian Breeding: Black, Blue and Splash:
Blue  X Blue = 50% Blue , 25% Black , 25% Splash
Blue  X Splash  = 50% Blue , 50% Splash 
Blue X Black = 50% Blue, 50% Black
Splash X Black = 100% Blue  
Black X Black  = 100% Black 
Splash X Splash = 100% Splash
These numbers are based on 100 chicks .Results will vary depending on number of chicks raised.


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